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Welcome To Shadow City

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of Shadow City, a dystopian universe where humans have been turned into mindless killing machines by renowned technology giant, Cranium Laboratories. The corporation’s secret plan of world domination came to light on an infamous day, dubbed the “global blackout” by survivors. Triggered by a simple switch, everyday devices such as cellphones, smartwatches, headphones, VR headsets, and more invaded the brains of unsuspecting civilians, transforming them into cybernetic zombies. The entire world turned to mass chaos, humanity being its own downfall.

However, a select few survivors of the world population were able to counter the brain invasion on that day, and gain superpowers instead as a side effect of the mind control attempt. These individuals, also known as The Elites, are humanity’s only hope at saving the world from the corrupt corporation of Cranium Labs. They have united from across the globe to form an army of badasses.

Their ultimate target, Cranium Laboratories Headquarters, is the most densely-populated area of cyber-zombies in the world, and the most dangerous. There are stories told around campfires and songs being sung about this end-goal location, known amongst survivors as Shadow City.

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a Growing Community

Meet the Original Four

It all started with Archie, Kenji, Carmen, and Otis. They are the original four main characters of the concept, and their respective backstories are listed on the collection page. Once more of a community is built, there is a very slim chance they will be listed, but as of right now, they are off-limits for purchase.

This project of community, creativity, and art is all a part of a bigger project: to start up a dystopian indie game series. The Elites are a collection of characters that take place in the universe of Shadow City. Each collectible is as unique as its owner and will give you an exclusive original identity both in the metaverse and future universe of the game.

This started as a distant dream and a cool idea, but my ultimate mission is to build a community of like-minded creatives to inspire each other and bring new concepts to the table. The real-life superpower of every Elite is their Ambition, Innovation, and Imagination. 

Become an Elite and You'll Get:

Certificate of Authenticity

Official Character Sheet w/ Backstory

A High-Res PNG file of character mugshot

A Work in Progress...

Although this project is super dope, there is still a lot of work, growing and building to be done. Down the road there are plans for an exclusive virtual chatroom called "The Alley" for Elites only, but until then, stay tuned on here and the official OpenSea page. 

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