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2D Art Pieces

Graphics, digital art pieces, collages, etc.

This is a showcase of the various skills I possess in 2D Adobe programs, most of which are in Photoshop, Fresco, and Illustrator. I am a perfectionist in everything I create, however when it comes to digital projects, I take it to a whole other level.

My Stunning Creations

Clean & Crisp Digital Drawings: Adobe Fresco Concepts & Designs



Sep 26, 2020

Medium: Adobe Fresco

This piece was done for a dear friend of mine who is a musician. It was made to go with one of his tracks called "Fractals."

Electrified Drowning

Feb 11, 2021

Medium: Adobe Fresco

This was an underwater realism study done with Adobe Fresco brushes.


Broken Lungs

Feb 25, 2021

Medium: Adobe Fresco

This piece wasn't created in the best circumstances, for it was made to express how it felt to have COVID-19. I was extremely ill when this was created.


April 11, 2021

Medium: Adobe Fresco

This piece was created after a truly traumatic and life-changing experience, that had altered my perspective of the world and existing in it. Because of this, I was inspired to create my own personifications of Life and Death.

Thinking about Life, it truly is a beautiful and fragile thing that is often taken for granted. So I drew her as blind since many of us are blindly existing and oblivious to both the beauty and the ugliness that surrounds us.



Dec 29, 2021

Medium: Adobe Fresco

This was a difficult subject matter to capture, as death is the great mystery of existence itself. So, this is my attempt at mashing up varying concepts of death and how we as humans perceive it. 


Dec 29, 2021

Medium: Adobe Fresco

This was a close-up realism study of a mouth.


Aquarium Jester

Feb 18, 2021

Medium: Adobe Fresco

This was a portrait in which I intended to represent my quirky and eccentric style as an artist.


Jan 12, 2022

Medium: Adobe Fresco


Shadow Street

Dec 8, 2021

Medium: Adobe Fresco

My first landscape-esque 2D piece in Fresco.

Adobe Photoshop Projects

Collages, etc.

To Save a Forest frameless.jpg

To Save A Forest

September 28, 2017

This is a collage that I'd pieced together using Photoshop. I created this picture to tell a story of woodland creatures in desperation to save their forest and keep it alive, despite being in the presence of an evil tyrant. The tyrant's castle is shown in the distance, surrounded by a barren forest and dead trees. The woodland fairies are raising a dragon to overthrow the tyrant.

To Lure A Pirate

September 20, 2017

Another collage I'd pieced together using Photoshop. To Lure a Pirate was meant to tell the story of four sirens who guard a treasure-filled castle in the middle of the ocean by luring pirates to their death. They use the lighthouse to their advantage, since the light emitted from it causes them to appear beautiful.

To Lure a Pirate frameless.jpg

No More Strings Attached

April 13, 2022

Medium: Adobe Fresco

No More Strings Attached.JPG
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