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Story of An Artist

Megyn Pettry

I am a talented and hard-working artist based in Sandy, UT. All my life, I've had a passionate love for the arts in all forms. It is because of this that I strive to create the very best in every one of them. I consider myself a perfectionist, so none of my work will ever be done without pushing the limits to my skills. One of my goals in life is to continue learning and growing with each piece that I complete -- whether it be digital, traditional, or 3-Dimensional -- so that someday I can truly be one of the best.

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Shadow Bunny Skull Fairy.jpeg

2D Art Pieces

Graphics, digital art pieces, collages, etc.

3D Art Pieces

My surrealistic, gorgeous, and thought-provoking 3D creations

Faith, Trust and VR Dust Final_edited.png

2D - 3D Hybrids

Eye-catching and stylized pieces using mixed media, unique to my art style

Marketing References

Examples of my real-life Graphic Design skills used for Marketing. Examples include Email designs, Instagram Stories, Brochures, etc.

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