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Cassie Euphoria_edited.jpg

2D - 3D Hybrids

Mixed Media Art Pieces & Graphics

I love combining 2D with 3D techniques to create an eye-catching aesthetic unique to my art style.

The Magic of Mixture

More Coming Soon

Ice Skating Euphoria

Feb 3, 2022

Originally fan art from an ice skating scene on the hit HBO show Euphoria, I decided to mix in some of my precious newfound 3D effects.

Cassie Euphoria_edited.jpg

Moon Spirit

March 2, 2022

This piece is mostly 3D, but I decided to add in some finishing touches using Adobe Fresco brushes.

Faith, Trust and VR Dust

March 15, 2022

This one was originally made for a Playstation VR visual ad mockup. It can also be found under my Marketing References tab with the Playstation VR logo integrated.

Faith, Trust and VR Dust Final_edited.png
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